The Middle of Jerseyville

chill air, cigarettes
his grey toque and toothy grin
he’s a free bird now
and I am flying so high
knowing that he’ll soon be mine

Well, its not what you would you would call funny necessarily but its kind of funny to me to look back on how things were in high school; how angsty and sexually frustrate we were! Haha! Anyway, I think its a quirky little piece with a lot of personal nostalgia.



  wayne wrote @

nicely done tanka….thanks for sharing your words

  Rallentanda wrote @


  pieceofpie wrote @

oh i can so relate!!! we were so very very bad and yet so very very good at it!!!… erotic engine

  Jason Riedy wrote @

Yes! Yes? Yes.

Except without the cigarettes. And without the other’s desire. But the nostalgia still finds echo within me.

  ericahawleyscime wrote @

haha, yeah i wasn’t a smoker either but for some strange reason there is a period of a few months of my high school life that i associate heavily with cigarettes. i think i was surrounded by cigarette smokers for those few months perhaps? i remember the smell of stale cig smoke in peoples clothes vividly.. interesting none the less

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